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Psychologist & Emotional Mechanic

Helping you to solve persistent problems in coaching style format with written report to be used as a roadmap towards change.

Some of us just need a little tune-up!


Emotional Tune-up

My model is four sessions over the course of four weeks so life can unfold naturally, giving me an opportunity to learn about YOU: the events, the triggers, and what you do when you are feeling vulnerable.  These vital pieces of information are needed for me to piece together an understanding of your personality, how you process information and make meaning, and how you behave when you feel insecure.  These sessions, culminating with a written report will provide you with greater self-awareness of your stresses and struggles. Gaining insight from a goal-oriented Emotional Tune-Up will facilitate an understanding of how you operate; what you feel, what you think, and what you do that likely contributes to your problems and unhappiness. My goal is not to hold you captive but to help you remove obstacles from your path and make better life choices.


Brief Solution Focused Emotional Tune-Up

The length of each session is an hour. At the conclusion I will provide a written "Emotional Tune-Up" report detailing my assessment of the problem, tools and recommendations to help you resolve the issue. After you receive the report, I will provide an hour "de-briefing" session to answer questions and address any follow up you may have.

If you would like to hear my speaking voice and get a preview of the way I think then please listen to my podcast on my other website ( ) for young adults addressing self-esteem in preparation for the new challenges of college.  Type FREE in the coupon section to download if you would prefer to listen rather than read.  


My Story


After practicing for over a decade as a licensed psychologist I have incorporated a new model within my practice.  I recognize that there is a need for a service appealing to a distinct group of people who would like the knowledge and skills that a traditional therapist offers but would prefer to work with someone more in the capacity of a directive and solution focused coach. I have coined the term Emotional Mechanic for this role.  There are some who don't want to make the long term commitment required for therapy, either emotional or financial. They may also view therapy with skepticism but they cannot deny the existence of a persistent problem that causes much unhappiness in their lives. They don't understand why the same issues seem to arise over and over again, and they are looking for answers and solutions.  This individual is in need of an emotional tune-up. They can benefit from an honest analysis of the cause, their contribution to the problem, and the identification of their unhelpful patterns of behavior and what they need to do differently.


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